Why, O Lord?

March 8, 2014.

O Lord, my God- above all else!
Here me when I cry.
Atone to my spirt,
for it longs in days so dry.

I know you are there,
I know, but am blind to see!
Teach me your paths
May you be known to me!

I praise you by night,
though I wander by day.
I am ridden with sin,
Yet ever do you stay.

I think to myself,
“Where is He at?
I am in need,
Will he consider that?”

Foolish am I,
to have such thoughts.
O little “Woe is me!
Look on my distraught!”

But he ever cares
and ever sees.
My deepest pains,
thoughts like seas.

Why, O Lord,
Why do you care?
Where is my faith,
How is it fair?

“It’s not, little one,”
A gentle voice soothes.
“But you’ve been redeemed,
your sins removed.”

And now I call
to my father above.
Immerse my heart
in your everlasting love.

Suggested Daily Reading: Psalm 8, Proverbs 1-3

God bless you.


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