Science and Religion, aux 5: Testimonials.


March 2, 2018.

I apologize for not posting the next article moving forward in the discussion between science and religion yet, but it has turned out to be longer/more detailed than I expected it to be (I really don’t know why I expected any less…). Nevertheless, since it is probably the most controversial part of the series, I would like to wait until Monday to post it, as it is several parts in and of itself, and I think they should be posted closer together. In the meantime, I wanted to give you some links here to testimonials/stories of people who have been on this journey and insights they share through the process. If you are looking for the previous post about the age of the earth, click here. For the introductory post to the series, click here.

If you do not read anyone else’s story, I would encourage you to read Scott Buchanan’s story. He runs the site “Letters to Creationists”, and I find his work there fascinating. He writes in detail about the evolution of his faith in two parts:

Here is a testimony from Joshua Zorn, who changed his position from YEC to OCE during his study in graduate school while working on a Ph.D. in mathematics with applications in population genetics:

Glen Kuban has done a lot of work with the “Paluxy controversy”, where there were claims that both dinosaur and human tracks were found together:

And finally an article by Daniel Price, a biochemist and medical writer:

There are many more testimonials that can be found on Biologos (here) and other sites that are dedicated to this dialogue. I hope you find these stories encouraging (or challenging), and I hope we can all seek to understand one another more graciously.

In Him,


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