Acts 23-26: Paul’s trials and testimony.

January 20, 2015. Reading: Acts 23-26. Background: Acts 21-22. Concepts and Connections. Chapter 23 Paul’s defense and the people’s reaction: As Paul stands before the counsel, he goes to make his defense. However, he is almost immediately cut short when he tells his fellow Jews that he had lived in good conscience to that day….

Amos 5-9: Woe to those who are at ease in Zion.

October 16, 2015. Daily Reading: Amos 5-9. Background: Amos 1-4. Concepts and Connections. Chapter 5 1. Seek the Lord and live: Though the Lord is in the middle of rebuke and Amos’ message has been one of destruction, an ever present characteristic of God is found here as He offers reconciliation to His people. Though…

Hosea 1-7: The prophet who’s life was an allegory.

September 18, 2015. Daily Reading: Hosea 1-7. Background: The book of Hosea is one of the 12 prophets in the Hebrew scriptures, and is the first of the minor prophets in the Old Testament (unless you make an argument that Daniel is a minor prophet, however Daniel’s prophecies are much different in nature and they…

Job 15-17: Miserable comforters.

February 26, 2015. Daily Reading: Job 15-17. Background: Job 12-14. Concepts and Connections. Chapter 15 Eliphaz’s answer and accusation. 1. “It’s because you don’t [insert criticism here] enough”: Often when we are trying to comfort someone that it pains us to see in the state that they are in, we want to help them help themselves….

Job 11: Kick ’em when he’s down.

February 12, 2015. Daily Reading: Job 11. Background: Job 9-10. Concepts and Connections. Chapter 11 1. When comfort turns into accusation: After Job has given two rebuttals to his friends ever pressing judgment on him, Zophar the Naamathite decides it is his turn to try to talk some sense into Job. However, probably due to his frustration…