Acts 9: Saul’s conversion.

November 21, 2015. Note that I have decided to only do Acts 9 today, as chapters 10 and 11 shouldn’t be split up in my opinion. Thus, next week we will do Acts 10-12. Thank you for following along with me. ___________________________________ Daily Reading: Acts 9. Background: Acts 7-8. Concepts and Connections. Chapter 9 1….

Acts 5-6: The expansion of the gospel.

November 7, 2015. Daily Reading: Acts 5-6. Background: Acts 1-4. Concepts and Connections. Chapter 5 1. Lying to God: At the beginning of this chapter, Luke tells a story that was sure to have set a precedent of truthfulness in the early church, teaching the disciples a lesson in pride, attention and lying. We too…