II Chronicles 33-36: The decline of Judah.

December 1, 2015. Daily Reading: II Chronicles 33-36. Background: II Chronicles 29-32. Concepts and Connections. Chapter 33 Manasseh and Amon: The beginning and ending of this chapter is very similar to II Kings 21:1-9 and II Kings 21:19-24, respectively. The difference we find in Chronicles about Manasseh’s reign is a record of his prayer and…

Jeremiah 27-31: Judah goes into captivity.

May 8, 2014. Daily Reading: Jeremiah 27-31. Background: Jeremiah 22-26. Concepts and Connections. Chapter 27 Submit to Nebuchadnezzar: At the beginning of this chapter, we get an interesting command given to Jeremiah that doesn’t happen all that often in prophecy. He is told to send word to the nations around Judah and give them a warning….

Jeremiah 17-21: Prophecy and persecution.

April 24, 2015. Daily Reading: Jeremiah 17-21. Background: Jeremiah 12-16. Concepts and Connections. Chapter 17 1. The deceptive heart: This chapter begins with an oracle against Judah for their sin, implying that their seen had left a permanent mark on their heart, etched with diamond, so that they would not consider repenting. The main reason for…

Jeremiah 1-6: The word of the Lord through Jeremiah.

April 3, 2015. Daily Reading: Jeremiah 1-6. Background: The book of Jeremiah is a compilation of the word of the Lord though the prophet Jeremiah that spans almost the full time of the prophet’s life. Jeremiah is called as a youth to be a prophet of the Lord, delivering a very unappealing message to the people….

Isaiah 34-39: Answers from the Lord.

February 20, 2014. Daily Reading: Isaiah 34-39. Background: Isaiah 29-33. It should be noted that the text found Isaiah 36-39 is quoted in/from II Kings 18:13 to 2 Kings 20:19, with the only difference (besides a minor word change here or there) being Hezekiah’s prayer found in chapter 38. These chapters also serve as a…