Psalm 87-89: Addressing God.

August 19, 2015. Daily Reading: Psalm 87-89. Background: Psalm 84-86. Concepts and Connections. Chapter 87 The city of God: A song of the sons of Korah, this psalm highlights the holy city of God (Jerusalem, whether physical or spiritual), often referred to as Zion, of which glorious are¬†spoken of her. The first three verse of…

Job 15-17: Miserable comforters.

February 26, 2015. Daily Reading: Job 15-17. Background: Job 12-14. Concepts and Connections. Chapter 15 Eliphaz’s answer and accusation. 1. “It’s because you don’t [insert criticism here]¬†enough”: Often when we are trying to comfort someone that it pains us to see in the state that they are in, we want to help them help themselves….