Exodus 21-24: Practical laws of the covenant.

May 11, 2015. Daily Reading: Exodus 21-24. Background: Exodus 17-20. Concepts and Connections. Chapter 21 Practical laws:¬†After giving the ten commandments that are well known, the Lord continues His law, giving the children of Israel a basis for rule and government as they now would become their own people without the oversight of another nation….

Isaiah 6-11: Behold, Immanuel.

January 16, 2014. Today’s Reading: Isaiah 6-11. Background: Isaiah 1-5. Concepts and Connections. Chapter 6 1. The fear of the Lord and His righteousness: The sixth chapter of Isaiah opens with an impressive scene, much like the one that is described in Revelation 4, in both instances where seraphim are praising the Almighty saying things…