“Trust me, beloved child.”

July 18, 2014.

Lord, I come before you now as a broken and run down soul.
I lay it down before you as my out come was not your goal.
I lie here weary from the road paved thin and cracked.
Lord, you know where I’ve been and I want to make it back.

The pressures of this world press in from every side.
The joys from above seem to right beside me glide.
Lord, I have come so far yet failed so many times.
I do not know why you, holy and true, would stand me beside.

All is black, dark, and I can but barley see.
Where is the glory you laid out for me?
You promised rest and peace, but hard times are all I find.
“Trust me, beloved child,” you have gently replied.

Trust me, beloved child? When things are all but peace?
“Trust me, beloved child, trust and soon you’ll see.”
Lord, I try knowing not how much more I can bear.
“Trust me, beloved child, and you will my glory share.”

The road is hot, the storm is rough, must I wait and see?
Grace and peace, grace and peace! They are but words to me!
“Trust me, beloved child, you will enter into my rest.”
Lord, I give, I give, do I not give my best?

The sun sets low in the sky that reaches or and endless sea.
Shadows fall from every haunting tree.
Lord, I am frightened by the world around.
“Trust me, beloved child, soon you will be found.”

I am lost! I am lost! I know not where to go!
I am trapped, I am trapped, in my sin below!
“Trust me, beloved child, hold fast so you stand.”
“Trust me, beloved child, grab fast, hold my hand.”

Lord, take not your presence away from my withered soul.
I would not stand a night, no, not in the night’s dark cold.
Where are you Lord, where are you now in my need?
“Trust me, beloved child,” you reply so gently.

Lord, take my spirit deep inside and hold me tight.
Never let me break loose, though I try with great might.
My broken heart is prone to wander far.
“Trust me, beloved child, and I will heal each scar.”

Lord, lift me up and let me see!
“Trust me, beloved child,” whisper you to me.

Suggested Daily Reading: I Kings 19, Psalm 13, 51, Isaiah 41.

Grace and peace.


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