At a loss for words.

August 28, 2014.

“Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.”
(Romans 8:26)

Have you ever gotten to a point in you spiritual walk where you just didn’t know what it is you should do or for what you should ask? I don’t really know how to explain what I’m asking, but its the point where you know you need something, yet you don’t know exactly what it is. It’s almost like something is missing and you want to fix it, but you just can’t. I don’t know if this situation is the one that Paul is referring to in the verse above, but I do think we all get to that point. We can look back on our lives and see the times where we were on fire or just completely content in the Lord. It seems those times were great and now… well what now? Why am I not feeling the way I did before, or why am I not doing what I was before?

There have been points in my life where I have laid in bed and started to pray, but no words came. I just laid there and didn’t know what to say. There have been times when I have went to pray throughout the day and just had to stop because I didn’t know what I should say. These times are very frustrating and I don’t really know what to do about them. However, I know the Spirit is here and He will help us pray, and that’s what I hear in the verse above. We don’t know how to pray as we ought, or what to pray for, but the Spirit does. I take comfort in knowing that He knows exactly what we need, even if it is something we can’t think of, and He will intercede for us with groanings too deep for words.

In times of speechless prayers, I sometimes make a plea to God for him to help me in the way I need help, though I don’t know what it is. Now I am not advocating a lazy prayer life or a copout, but there are times where I know that He knows best and I have no honest clue as to what I should be asking for or doing. In times like these, I want His wisdom above mine. I don’t want to be obligated to solve the mysteries of my heart or His will, because I will surly fail. Any human would, because we live in a fallen world. But I know the One who stands behind me, and I know that He is able to lift me up no matter what, according to His will. Praise be to His name.

Perhaps when we experience times like these in our lives, we are simply not looking at it in the right way. Perhaps we are looking for the answer to solve our problems and discontentment and not for the will of God. Perhaps instead of asking Him to solve our problems, we should simply be bowing down in worship to the one who made it all. Perhaps we should not be the center of our prayers… (I’m going to admit that I am sort of working all this out in my mind as I type, for at the beginning of this post, I was at one of these points).

Has our society of putting “I” in the center of everything gotten to us? Have we become arrogant towards God? I hope not, but I am afraid it has penetrated much further than we would ever like to imagine. Maybe I should take the “I” out of prayer, in a sense. We are indeed supposed ask God for the things we need and want through prayer, and I’m not saying that we shouldn’t lay out all our cares before the Lord, for this is certainly included in the scope of prayer. But maybe we should incorporate more of Him and less of us. If you read through the Psalms, count how many psalms focus on the needs of the writer as compared to the praise of the Father. Do our prayers compare to this pattern? I don’t actually know the ratio, just food for thought.

A prayer of praise.

O Lord, my God, without whom nothing can be,
Blessed be your name forever.
Hear our words, for you alone have set us free,
Blessed be your name forever.

Cry out, all you cedars and mountains tall!
His mercy endures forever.
All who’ve been ransomed from the fall!
His mercy endures forever.

Praise, glory, honor and power be,
to He who sits on the throne.
Hallelujah to our glorious King,
yes, to He who sits on the throne.

We are so weak, but You are ever strong,
Your steadfast love is unending.
Our worthless names to You belong,
Your steadfast love is unending.

O Lord, my God, without whom nothing can be,
Blessed be your name forever.
Hear our words, for you alone have set us free,
Blessed be your name forever.

Suggested Daily Reading: Psalm 18, 21, 30, Romans 8.

Blessed be His name.


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  1. Renee says:

    Great point made!

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