I AM is His name.

September 22, 2014.

Full disclosure: This was not written on September 22. I am going to backdate this post, because this was the day I was involved in a pretty serious car accident. If you want to know more about that, read this post. Since everything could have been so much worse, and I really could have died, I would like to dedicate this post as a praise to the Lord Almighty, who spared my life and allowed me to walk out of the hospital without any broken bones or torn ligaments. Praise be to His name. Perhaps my time here on earth isn’t done, for I would assume that He has something planned for me that will in the end glorify His name on high. May it ever be so.

I AM is His Name.

There is one who’s name above stands on high, and one who made it all.
There is one who reigns.
There is He who judges the nations near and far, every tribe and tongue.
I AM is His name.

In the beginning of time itself, when this universe was but a thought,
Words from His mouth came.
“Let there be light!” and it was so, the beginning of light and dark.
I AM is His name.

Creation took shape as directed by His instructions divine,
“Each of its kind produce the same.”
Then from dust He made mankind as living souls,
I AM is His name.

Man walked with Him in the garden prepared, yet man was not consumed.
Man had yet to profane.
Until that fateful day when sin came, man having one judge to answer to-
I AM is His name.

Though fallen creatures, cast out from glory and separated by sin,
His own He still claimed.
Time and again He nurtured them, His love enduring forever.
I AM is His name.

In spite of sin, in spite of death, in spite of foolish man-
A plan still remained.
A ransom plan for fallen man, centering around that spotless lamb.
I AM is His name.

He came to die and rise again, to mark the deceiver’s fatal blow.
Sin and death He put to shame.
Bursting forth on that glorious day, He rose from the sealed tomb.
I AM is His name.

Now He sits, exalted high, at the right hand of the throne of God.
His glory He has claimed.
Lord of Heaven and Lord of earth, His good news shall ever spread.
I AM is His name.

Salvation has come to the sons of man, we are washed in the blood.
The message still remains.
All who believe, all who obey can claim Him as their king!
I AM is His name.

Accept grace through soothing trust, lay your burdens down.
Will you still live in vain?
Put on the new life, fixing your eyes on the one above.
I AM is His name.

Suggested Daily Reading: Genesis 1-2, Psalm 100, Matthew 16.

Hallelujah to the King.


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