A psalm of the weary.

November 29, 2014.

“How long, O Lord? Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me?”
(Psalm 13:1)

Holding On

In times of darkness, in depths of thought,
In words of comfort all for naught,
Oh Lord it is to you I cry,
And ask the question, Why, Lord, why?

Why am I on this weary road?
Why do I fight such a heavy load?
Why must I long for what I have not?
Why can’t I find that which is sought?

Where is the peace of which understanding fails?
Where is the strength of a heart so frail?
Why must I travel down the path I’m sent,
My cloths torn and my heart rent.

“It is for your strength,” I know, I know,
That is our potion in this world below.
But what about others, do they not need?
Has patience perfected and silenced their greed?

“This path is your own, you must walk it with me,”
Lord, I’m trying, I’m trying to give all to Thee.
But in my heart there is a stirring,
A longing pain, a storm cloud whirring.

Where are you, Lord, where are you now?
I can’t turn it off, for I don’t know how?
“Trust me, weary one, and you will see,”
I’m holding on, hold on to me!

My eyes are open, but my vision bleak,
My heart is grieved and my lips can’t speak.
Let me know, Lord, how to go,
Teach me the path, knowledge bestow.

“You’ll walk by faith, and not by sight,
I’ll guide you through the dreary night.”
My eyes are blind for they cannot see,
Guide me gently, Lord lead me.

I cry, I cry, I cry out to you,
Let thy blessings then ensue.
“It is not for you to know My ways,
Yet walk the path and number your days.”

You Lord are Almighty and supreme,
From your glory I wish to gleam,
Grant me, please, that filling gift,
That to you we may our souls lift.

“Your time is coming, wait and see,
Wait and see what I have for thee.”
I’m waiting, Lord, as best I can,
Yet my heart is but a jar of sand.

“You will understand, you will know,
You will see my blessings flow.”
I pray to You that I might stay,
Never let me from Thee stray.

You are mighty, all praise to you!
For saving us from that which was due!
Hallelujah to our Savior and King,
My we forever Your praises sing!

Suggested Daily Reading: I Kings 19, Psalm 13, Jeremiah 12, Habakkuk 1.

The Lord comfort your soul.


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