Psalm 27-29: The Lord’s glory.

March 11, 2015.

Today’s Reading: Psalm 27-29.

Background: Psalm 24-26.

Concepts and Connections.

Chapter 27

“Whom shall I fear?”: As in many of the psalms, David directs our minds here to the power and protection of the Lord when we are in His fold. Since the Lord is his light, salvation and stronghold, David assures all who are listing that he has none to fear, for the Lord was on his side. His protecting arm kept David safe from enemies, though they assail against him. Their ways would not be established and their attacks would be thwarted. Though armies rise up against him, David would not fear. What could they do against the Lord? Paul echoes this sentiment in Romans 8:31, assuring that no one could be victorious over the Lord’s elect. Though in this life we may be persecuted, in the life to come we will reign victorious with Christ Jesus our Lord. David calls to the Lord in this psalm, claiming to have done what was asked of God, that he might seek His face. The Lord would not forsake him even if every man did. In the end, he encourages his audience to be strong and take courage, waiting on the Lord. Let us put on this confidence in the Lord.

Chapter 28

A call to the Lord: This psalm seems to be divided into three sections. The first section is the prayer (v. 1-5), in which David cries out to the Lord for His deliverance, noting the wickedness of the lawless to provide a contrast with his upright spirit. He pleads for the ear of the Lord and cries out for mercy. The second section is the answer (v. 6-7), where David acknowledges the answer of the Lord and gives thanksgiving and praise to the One who has heard his prayer and has helped him in his time of need. It is important to remember not only to go to God when we need something, but also when He provides that something. And everywhere in between. The last section is the conclusion (v. 8-9), where David ascribes the strength of the people to the Lord and prays for the children of Israel as a whole. It is noteworthy to recognize that David was not only focused on his own well being, but also the well being of his people. We too should be concerned for the well being of God’s people today.

Chapter 29

Ascribe to the Lord glory: Yet another psalm of David, this text is focused on one main goal, and that is giving all glory to the Lord. We are called in the opening verse to come and ascribe all glory to the Lord and worship him in holiness. Then we are given vivid imagery that describes the glory and power of the Lord. We see the vastness of water, strength of thunder, girth of cedars and brilliance of lightening all used to represent the power and majesty of the Almighty. Who can stand before Him? He created the wonders of nature itself, and we can see Him in His creation. At the end, the Lord is depicted as King, enthroned forever. What a glorious picture! May the Lord bless His people with peace.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Job 20-21.

Hallelujah to the King.


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