Psalm 33-35: Shout to the Lord.

March 25, 2015.

Daily Reading: Psalm 33-35.

Background: Psalm 30-32.

Chapter 33

Shout to the Lord: Psalm 33 is a wonderful psalm of praise that recaps the steadfast love and works that the Lord has done in all the earth. The praise of the Lord begins of the skill of the player praising the righteousness of the Lord and then moves into the awesome power of the Lord. Man cannot stand against the awesome counsel and wisdom of the Lord, nor can kings be saved their own strength. It is only by the power of the Lord that kings stand or fall. The strength of mere men is but false hope when it comes to deliverance. Let us all shout to the Lord for His deliverance.

Chapter 34

The Lord is good: This psalm was written by David after his encounter with Abimelech when he is fleeing from Saul, recorded in I Samuel 21. David was going through a time where he seemed to have trouble on every side, even have to feign madness to escape the situation with Abimelech. But the Lord delivered him, and thus David wrote a psalm of praise about the mercy he had received from the Lord. It is always good to remember the amount of times that David not only asks something from the Lord, but also praises His after receiving it. “Taste and see that the Lord is good!” Indeed the Lord had been good to David.  The hand of the Lord is with the righteous, but His face is set against the wicked.

Chapter 35

A call to the Lord: Daivd’s trust is seldom called into question when we read through the psalms. Whenever he writes a psalm due to a time where he was in trouble, he always turns to the Lord to ask for help and deliverance. David knows that the Lord is on His children’s side, and if the Lord is for Him then no one could be against him. He lets his soul rejoice in the Lord and he exulted in His salvation. Time and again David pleas for help from the Lord, even asking at one point “How long?” However, David trusts in the Lord, that He will look graciously on those who do righteousness and call on His name. Let us ever praise Him with the fruit of our lips.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Job 23-33.

Praise the Lord!


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