Psalm 45-47: The King.

April 22, 2015.

Daily Reading: Psalm 45-47.

Background: Psalm 42-44.

Concepts and Connections.

Chapter 45

A love song to the King: The 45th psalm is self named as a love song to the king, who tradition would tell us was king Solomon. However, this psalm has a much deeper and greater purpose nested within it than to simply be a love song for a current king, as the Hebrew writer would point out to us in Hebrews 1:8-9 when he quotes a portion of this psalm (v. 6) in reference to Jesus, our King. This psalm is ultimately a love song to Jesus, and in this context, verses 6-9 make much more sense than they were simply addressed to a man who was not divine in nature. Note the beautiful imagery that is ascribed to our King, and follow along in His praise and glory. It is always very interesting to see how well the bible is woven together, with the big picture in mind. Jesus sits on the throne of God, in the ivory palaces where His company brings Him joy. All the nations will indeed praise Him forever, and we shall dwell in His presence as the ages roll on. Let the love song to our King be on our lips!

Chapter 46

A very present help in times of trouble: This psalm outlines a deep trust in the Lord that He will be the shield and fortress for His children when they are in need of defending and help. He is called a very present help in the time of need, which depicts a God who is near to us and involved in our daily lives. The Lord is associated with great power in this psalm, more power than any of the nations around them could ever hope to muster, thus making it clear who the children of Israel should depend on in their time of need. The audience is called in to behold the mighty works of God, as we are then called to be still know know that He is God. There is no room for doubt in this psalm, no guesswork of whether the Lord is God or not. His power and presence does not allow for any other option. And when the Lord is on your side, you have nothing else to fear.

Chapter 47

Praise be to the King: The 47th psalm immediately calls the audience into a joyous praise of the Lord God, with clapping, singing and shouting. Sometimes we forget the exuberance that is found in the psalms when it comes to praise of the Almighty, Creator of the universe. The psalmist, however, cannot help but praise the Lord in this manner, for he sees all the mighty works of God and is overwhelmed by His power and ability. God is ascribed as King over all the earth, fittingly so, as He was the one who created it. He is exalted on high as the people are called to sing praises, many praises in psalm, to the Lord their God and Maker. Let us ever praise the King in such a fashion, for He is highly exalted.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Job 32-34.

Glory to the King!


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