Proverbs 8-9: The blessing of wisdom.

June 25, 2015.

Daily Reading: Proverbs 8-9.

Background: Proverbs 7.

Concepts and Connections.

Chapter 8

The blessing of wisdom: Here in chapter eight we find wisdom calling once again, just as she did at the opening of the book (see Proverbs 1:20-33). Wisdom seeks to be found, seeks to be sought. She calls to the simple and to the fools, that they might find her and learn wisdom, ending their folly. There is a couple of characteristics of wisdom that should be drawn out of the first verses of this chapter. The first is that wisdom seeks to utterly drive out unrighteousness. Notice the importance that is placed on righteousness and what is right. There is no trying to get as close to¬†unrighteousness as possible without stopping. Wisdom, rather, seeks to get as far away from wickedness as possible. Even if something is not necessarily wrong, it can still be an unwise thing to do. The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil rather than flirting with it. The second thing we should draw from the first half of this chapter is that to obtain wisdom, we have to seek her. Notice how it is said that wisdom is found by those who “seek [wisdom] diligently” (v. 17). Wisdom does not come by happenstance, but rather we must seek it out and learn it. It is certainly a small price to pay when compared to the value of her blessings. Wisdom has been around since the beginning, and it was in wisdom that the Lord created everything. True wisdom comes from above (see James 3:17, I Corinthians 2:6-7). The wisdom of God created the intricacies and complexity of this universe. This chapter ends with the affirmation that blessed is the one who finds wisdom, but to the one who doesn’t will suffer. To hate wisdom is to love death.

Chapter 9

1. The way of wisdom: Wisdom has built her house and cries out to the simple once again here. She wants to be found, for in her true blessings and life flow. Wisdom has been established on a firm foundation, and it is up to us to seek her. Then there is a discussion of the difference between the correction of a fool and the correction of the wise. If one corrects a fool, then they will only receive backlash from the fool. However, if one corrects a wise man, the wise man will love him and grow through the experience. Notice the emphasis on the individual in verse 12, for both the wise and the fool. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and (in a general sense) wisdom prolongs life for the one who finds her.

2. The way of folly: Though folly leads to destruction, men are distracted from the ultimate demise because folly is both loud and seductive. She wants to be heard, especially over wisdom, and she will go to great lengths to grab our attention. She feeds the simple lies and false promises. The simple and foolish turn in to her because they cannot see the end, for they don’t understand that the way of folly leads to destruction.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Ezekiel 7-12.


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