Psalm 75-77: Fear the Lord.

July 1, 2015.

Daily Reading: Psalm 75-77.

Background: Psalm 72-74.

Concepts and Connections.

Chapter 75

Praise for His works: This psalm is a song of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord, positioning Him above all the inhabitants of the earth. After the opening that details what the song is about, the psalm turns to the point of view of the Creator, who reigns supreme over all. He is the supreme judge who will judge the world with equity, as only He can, and secure the world when it totters. The song has a message to the wicked, noting that they will not be able to stand before the Lord, but will rather be cut off, for He is above their boasting. The psalmist gives praise to the Lord God of Jacob, declaring His name forever.

Chapter 76

To Him who is to be feared: This is a song that describes the awesome glory and power of the Lord, who is to be feared even by the kings of men. The God of Israel is proclaimed throughout the world, glorious and majestic, laying low any who come up against Him. He is the one whom should be feared because He is the ultimate power. Note that in the Lord’s judgement, He will save the humble. Let us humble ourselves before the great and powerful God of Israel, He who is to be feared.

Chapter 77

In the day of trouble: This psalm is one written from the voice of one who is in trouble, crying out to the Lord. From the opening, we can see the deep distress that the psalmist is going through, a restless night, troubled soul and fainting spirit. The burden seems heavy for the psalmist as he even begins to question God, whether or not He is angry with him or if His anger will ever subside. He asks where the grace and compassion from the Lord is, but then his heart turns him towards the past and the great works that the Lord has done for his people then. Remembering through the past helps the psalmist remember who the Lord is and what power He holds to do wonders amongst the peoples of the earth. There is no god like Him in all the earth. The last few verses consist of some beautiful poetry that describe the true magnitude of God, as far as human words can, as He has dominion over all creation, and led His people through Moses and Aaron.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Proverbs 10.

The Lord lead you.


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