Psalm 84-86: Talking to God.

August 11, 2015.

Daily Reading: Psalm 84-86.

Background: Psalm 81-83.

Concepts and Connections.

Chapter 84

The dwelling place of the Lord: This psalm is a psalm of the sons of Korah and addresses the lovely dwelling place of the Lord. The psalmist’s soul longs to be in the Lord’s dwelling place, in the court of the Lord, that his heart might sing for joy, praising the Lord Most High. Just like the sparrow that finds refuge at His altar, blessed are those who dwell in His house, those who forever sing His praise. This is where the psalmist wants to be, for he knows that the house of the Lord is better than the tent of wickedness, and a day there better than an thousand elsewhere. Note the blessings from the Lord that shower the upright, those who walk in His ways. May we ever trust in Him.

Chapter 85

Revive us again: This psalm opens with a recollection of what the Lord had done for His people in the past, how He had been forgiving to the people of Jacob and turned from His anger after He was set against them for their iniquity. Now His people were in need of His mercy again, as they continued the cycle of obedience and disobedience. The psalmist here begs the Lord to turn away His anger, which is apparently upon them because of their iniquity, and he asks for restoration once again. He pleads that the Lord not be angry forever, but show His steadfast love. Then he prays that the people not once again return to their folly as they had done in times past, but rather fear Him. To the Lord is ascribed steadfast love and faithfulness, righteousness and peace. The psalmists trusts in the Lord that He will once again look favorably on His people. May we ever have this trust in the Lord as His people.

Chapter 86

A plea to God: This is an intimate prayer between David and the Lord where he asks Him for help in his time of need. In the first section (v. 1-7), David addresses God, noting how he needs Him and remembering His steadfast love, forgiveness and grace. He calls on the Lord and He trusts that the Lord will answer him. In the section section (v. 8-13), David uses this space to praise the Lord for who He is and all HIs great works. There is none in all the earth that is like our God, for He alone is God. David calls for teaching and guidance as he gives thanks with his whole heart. He will glorify His name forever, as he again notes His steadfast love. The third section of this psalm (v. 14-17) is David’s plea, for insolent men have risen up against him and he had turned to the Lord. David knows that the Lord is merciful and gracious, and he asks for this grace to be bestowed on him and a sign be given so that the insolent men would know that the Lord had helped him and they would be put to shame.

Tomorrow’s Reading: II Kings 11-15.

Grace and peace.


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