Proverbs 28-29: The final proverbs of Solomon.

October 15, 2015.

Daily Reading: Proverbs 28-29.

Background: Proverbs 26-27.

Concepts and Connections.

Chapter 28

Couplets of wisdom: As we enter the final two chapters that record the proverbs of Solomon, we find that the writing style has gone back to couplets that give much wisdom in few words which span a range of topics that are not necessarily related to each other. In this chapter we find that the couplets address righteousness, generous giving, integrity, confession, justice and more. Some concepts of note include: righteousness brings great courage (v. 1), it is vain for the poor to oppress the poor (v. 3), wisdom comes in keeping the law, but the prayer of the unrighteous is an abomination (v. 4-5, 7, 9, 10, 14), walk in integrity (v. 6, 18), giving generously will bless you more than being stingy, which will lead to poverty (v. 8, 22), there is a danger of pride that comes with riches (v. 11), it is joyous when the righteous reign, and hard when the wicked are in power (v. 12, 15, 28), confession and repentance brings mercy (v. 13), hard and diligence work pays off (v. 19, 20), hunger can drive us to do evil (v. 21), there can be great gain in rebuke (v. 23), treat your parents right (v. 24), trust in the Lord and walk in wisdom (v. 25-26), and do not turn a blind eye to the poor (v. 27).

Chapter 29

The final couplets of Solomon: As the words of Solomon draw to an end, the wisdom given here are contained in couplets that are reminiscent of the bulk of the book. Concepts contained in this chapter range from wisdom to flattery to discipline and justice. Concepts of note include: stubbornness in response to reproof will break us beyond healing (v. 1), there is joy when the righteous rule and anxiety when the wicked are in power (v. 2, 4), flattery is deceptive (v. 5), evil will lead to downfall (v. 6, 16), we should know and be faithful to the poor (v. 7, 14), a wise man will turn away wrath (v. 8), arguing with a fool is not productive (v. 9), the righteous will be hated by those who do evil (v. 10, 27), full vent and hasty words are the way of the fool (v. 11, 20), the Lord does not judge by man’s standard (v. 13), it is wise to discipline (v. 15, 17, 19), stand strong in times of spiritual deserts (v. 18), do not be given to anger (v. 22), pride will bring us low, whereas humility will exalt us (v. 23), an accomplice is no better than the culprit (v. 24), and justice comes from the Lord (v. 26).

Tomorrow’s Reading: Amos 5-9.

Pray for the wisdom from above.


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