Psalm 119: For the love of the Law.

November 4, 2015.

Daily Reading: Psalm 119.

Background: Psalm 116-118.

Concepts and Connections.

Chapter 119

The love of the Law: This psalm is a very unique psalm that is set apart from the other psalms in length and focus. With 176 verses, psalm 119 is the longest psalm in the book (longer than any other given chapter in the bible), yet it has one main point that is emphasized: meditation on and the love of the law of the Lord. There are several different words given for the law of the Lord, such as His way, precepts, path, judgments, statues, ect., and there are only two verses in the psalm that do not contain one of these words that indicate the word of the Lord. The psalm is broken down into 22 stanzas of eight verses, each beginning with a successive letter of the Hebrew alphabet (similar to the acrostic style of many psalms). Throughout the psalm, the psalmist delights in the law thoroughly, trusting in it with all his heart and meditating on it day an night. Consistently throughout the psalm we are reminded of the blessing of following in the law of the Lord and encouraged to dwell on it as the source of life, for it is the word of God (compare with John 1). The precepts were commanded to be kept diligently, and the one who fears the Lord will abide in them. As you read through this psalm, note how the heart and soul of the psalmist is set on the word of the Lord and does not depart from it. He uses it as his strength and shield, and teaches others the ways of the Lord. A couple of verses that have been of particular popularity are verse nine which teaches young men how to keep their way pure by guarding it with the word and verse 105 which indicates that the word is a lamp to the psalmist’s feet and a light to his path. Much could be said about this psalm, but perhaps the best way of learning the lessons (or the single, pointed lesson) is to, ironically, dwell on the psalm itself. Read through and consider how you can set the word of the Lord in your own heart the same way that the psalmist does, learning to love it will all of your being. May His word ever nourish your soul.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Ecclesiastes 3-4.

Love the law of the Lord.


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