Psalm 132-134: The last of the songs of ascents.

December 9, 2015.

Daily Reading: Psalm 132-134.

Background: Psalm 129-131.

Concepts and Connections.

Chapter 132

The Lord’s choice through David: Another psalm in the series of the songs of ascents (see psalm 120), this psalm speaks of the house of the Lord that David sought to build (see II Samuel 7 and I Chronicles 22, 28) and the covenant that the Lord made with him to always have one of His son’s sitting on the throne, so long as they were obedient to Him. Solomon indeed carried out the building of the house of the Lord, as per the instructions of the Lord, and the Lord chose Zion to be His resting place, consecrating the house of the Lord to put His name there (see I Kings 9:1-9). This psalm calls to God to ever let these things be true, and to recount of the Lord choosing the lineage of David to bring forth the anointed One. This horn that would sprout from David would be Jesus, who was of Davidic lineage and sits on the throne of the kingdom (see Acts 2). The last stanza of the psalm praises the Lord for what He has done for His chosen place and what He promises to continually do for His people.

Chapter 133

Precious unity: Another psalm in the series of the songs of ascents (see psalm 120), this song praises the unity of brethren, comparing it to precious oil and fresh due on the mountains of Zion. Notice the high regard that the psalm places on unity, paining it as the picture of peace and satisfaction in the Lord’s chosen place, Zion. Compare with Jesus’ prayer for unity in John 17. Let us ever be unified with one another in the Lord.

Chapter 134

Bless the Lord: Another psalm in the series of the songs of ascents (see psalm 120), this song is a song of blessing to the Lord. The psalmist calls all the servants of the Lord to bless Him, lifting up their hands in the holy place, the house of the Lord. After they are called to bless the Lord, blessings from the Lord are wished upon them from Zion from the Creator who made all things. Let us ever bless the name of the Lord.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Song of Songs 1-3.

Come, bless the Lord.


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