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April 9, 2016.

For those of you who know me personally, you probably know that I listen to a lot of audio podcast of sermons and biblical teachings throughout the week. This week, I wrote an email for a friend describing some of the ones I listen to and providing the link to find what I have found to be both insightful and convicting over the past few years. Now, I would like to share this resource with any who is interested, as I believe they can influence and perhaps even change your life, at least in some small way. I would like to give you some information about some of the podcasts I listen to and some of my favorites in case you were interested and/or looking for more. I’ll list out the podcasts at the end, but a lot of the sermons and sermon series that I loved aren’t on the feed any more. Fortunately, I started saving them a couple of years ago, so I have made an archive, which I will share the link to (if you have the box app, or even dropbox, you could download the files directly to your phone to listen to just like you would a podcast). I will describe the series below, but here is the link to all the files I describe that are no longer on the feed:

That all being said, here is my list:

North Boulevard

This is honestly probably my favorite church feed at the moment. David Young has some really good lessons and his preaching is quite convicting to me. I don’t even really know these people, but I feel like I am a part of their church. I recently visited their school of discipleship, and it truly was awe inspiring. They are doing Christianity right there, and it is clear that they are on fire for God.

Highly Recommended Sermon Series:

  • The kingdom series: This is one of the most convicting series to me, talking about our mission in the world.
  • The sermon on the mount: David takes a different and beautiful approach to the sermon on the mount.
  • Walk in the Spirit: It’s not about trying harder, it’s about surrendering to Christ.
  • Sex and Gender: I love this series because we often don’t teach our children a proper theology of sex because it is taboo.

Highly Recommended individual sermons:

  • Milk to meat: This is such a good lesson, which I have used in different lessons of my own. I love this one.
  • Dying to live: I’m not entirely sure this is what I remember it to be, but if it is, it’s very convicting about mission.
  • We prayed, he answered: This one is the lesson that I heard that made me realize that North Boulevard is a church that is completely on fire, and made me long to be  a part of the work they are doing.
  • Winning the Muslim world for Christ: This is a lesson by Joe Shulam, a Jewish (ethnicity) Christian missionary who talks about the mission field in the middle east.
  • Faith, hope and Love: This is a lesson by Michael Strickland, another minister at North Boulevard, who is very learned in scripture.
  • Fearless
  • Commit to the people of God

Podcast feed:

The Hills church

I gained an appreciation for Rick Atchely early on and I love a lot of the stuff he puts out. He was my David Young before I learned about David Young. (I saw on twitter once where one of these preachers quoted the other, and the nerd inside of me was overjoyed…)

Highly Recommended Sermon Series:

  • Revelation: This is probably the first series I listened to by Rick Atchley, and it is so good. He does a very good job of working through Revelation and making it accessible to Christians who are intimidated by it, like I was. It is a great study on the book.
  • Alive and Free: Rick did a series on the bondage of sin and the story of Lazarus one year around Easter, and it is enlightening.
  • Jonah: A phenomenal series on the book of Jonah and our call to the mission field.
  • The bible doesn’t say that: This is a good series on the common sayings that a lot of Christians hold to be scriptural that are biblically unfounded.
  • Acts Unleashed: Rick starts a good series here, but he stopped it for another series and I wish he would have continued it. But he did get this far.

Podcast feed:


This is one of the first churches I listened to, and I wish I had started saving my podcasts earlier, because I have actually lost a lot of great sermons from this church and I’m sad about it. But there is a series that Mike Ray, who I was sad to find out died a few years ago from cancer, did that I have that is so great. Its called How to get along with difficult people.

Podcast feed:

Podcast Feeds

These are live feeds that I regularly listen to that I think a wealth of knowledge can be gained from.

  • The Naked Bible Podcast: Michael Heiser is a biblical scholar who takes the bible into the ancient near eastern context to reveal what the biblical writers were thinking when they wrote what they did. I don’t agree with all his theology (mainly about baptism, though I don’t think he is as far away as it might seem), but he has some phenomenal work and insight to biblical context and I love what he puts out. It has really inspired me to study and learn more, going beyond the surface level bible study that many Christians stop at. I really want to read his book “The Unseen Realm.” Before you listen to Dr. Heiser, he recommends you watch some YouTube videos he has that explain his world view (it’s a bit unusual, but very driven by biblical context and scripture).
  • Cold case Christianity: This is a Christian apologetic podcast done by J. Warner Wallace, author of “Cold-case Christianity.” He is a cold case detective that applied his knowledge and techniques in solving cold case murders to the claims of Christianity. He was an atheist, and when he applied his methods to these claims, he found that the evidence was overwhelming and became a Christian. He now maintains this podcast talking about different apologetic issues and beyond.

UTC Christian Student Center

I thought I would finish off by linking to some of the devos I did at the student center, if you are interested.



Well, I think that’s a good start for now, as I probably overloaded you with too much information as it is. I hope this finds you well. Obviously, you don’t have to listen to any of it, I just thought I would share, as at least one of my favorite podcasts I only know about because someone told me about it. May you continue to learn and grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior.

Suggested Reading: Hebrews 4-8.

Grace and peace.


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