Psalm 63-65: Praise and prayers to the Lord.

June 3, 2015.

Daily Reading: Psalm 63-65.

Background: Psalm 60-62.

Concepts and Connections.

Chapter 63

Longing for the Lord: In this Psalm, David vividly expresses his longing and desire for the Lord, as one would thirst for water in a dry and weary land. David put the Lord as his top priority in this psalm, commenting on His love that is even better than life itself. Praise, blessings and thanksgivings flow from the inner being of David as he thinks about the Lord and mediates upon Him. He clings to the Lord and puts his full trust in Him, knowing that the Lord will supply his needs, whereas those who seek his life to destroy it will be silenced. David exhibits a level of confidence in the Lord though this psalm that allows him to truly feel secure in the arms of the Lord, seemingly without doubt or worry. This level of trust is something for which we all should strive.

Chapter 64

Hidden from evildoers: Yet another psalm accredited to David, here we find a plea to the Lord to be hidden from the wicked and from their schemes to work harm. Much of this psalm describes the evil deeds and motives of those who the psalmist is trying to avoid, almost as if he is citing their actions against them before the Lord. They seek out injustice and think that they cannot be seen. But the Lord sees all, and no action of the wicked will be hidden from Him. The evil deeds of the wicked will be brought to light. At the end of this psalm, the righteous are implored to take refuge in the Lord, rejoicing in Him. Let us ever rejoice in the Lord.

Chapter 65

The glory of the Lord: Labeled as a song of David, this psalm is a song of praise to the Lord, highlighting His wondrous and beautiful creation, along with the power He exerts over it. The psalm opens with praise for what the Lord does for us, hearing our prayers, atoning for our sin, and drawing us near to him. Note that David is fully satisfied in the house of the Lord. He did not need more, for it was the glory of the Lord that satisfied completely. Then the attention is turned to the marvelous creation of the Lord and the mighty hand by which He made it all, that the ends of the earth might see His glory and stand in awe. Not only has He created such wondrous beauty, He also rules over it with a caring hand, supplying every need of the nature that surrounds us. It is His handiwork and He takes care of it according to His steadfast love. Let us all sing together for joy in praise to our King.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Proverbs 4.

Hallelujah to the Lord.


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