Psalm 66-68: Blessings and Triumph.

June 10, 2015.

Daily Reading: Psalm 66-68.

Background: Psalm 63-65.

Concepts and Connections.

Chapter 66

Blessed be God: This psalm is a song of praise to our God for His awesome deeds that He has done throughout the earth. All the earth is called into a glorious chorus of praise to the Creator of the Universe at the opening of the song. There is a reference to the parting of the Red Sea that the Lord did through Moses to have His people cross safely to the other side (see Exodus 14:21). His enemies come cringing before Him and all the earth worships and praises Him. We are called to bless the Lord who has kept our feet from slipping and tested us as silver is tested. The psalmist is sure that he will pay all the vows that he has made to the Lord, the vows he made when he found himself in times of trouble. Note that once we get out of trouble, it is not time to stop thinking about God and praising Him. The psalmist sacrifices to the Lord and calls all to listen to what God has done for him. The Lord heard his prayer and showed His steadfast love to him.

Chapter 67

May God bless us: This psalm is a song that is a plea for the blessing of God on the people of God. The psalmist asks for the shining face of the Lord that all the nations might know who He is by seeing His saving power, so that all the people might praise the Lord. All the nations are called to join together in a song of praise to the Almighty, the righteous Judge and Guide. The psalm of praise ends with a confident trust in the Lord that He will indeed bless His people.

Chapter 68

God’s triumph over His enemies: Attributed as a psalm of David, psalm 68 is one of the glorious power of the Lord in triumph over His enemies. He opens with a confidence in the Lord that is not to be overcome, letting His enemies know that they don’t stand a chance. Songs of praise are requested to be sung to His name, the Lord, in His holy habitation. Then he backs up to allusions to Israel’s history, to the times where the power of God had been made tangibly evident before His people. He talks of the pillar of cloud by day and fire by night that went before the children of Israel as they were led through the wilderness (see Exodus 13:21). He refers to the mighty presence of God on Mount Sinai (see Exodus 19:16-20, 20:18-21). When the Lord shows up, His enemies scatter. He has ascended on high, in the sanctuary of Mount Sinai. The Lord, the God of our salvation, is blessed and should be praised by all the kingdoms of the earth. He gives strength and power to His people.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Proverbs 5-6.

Blessed be the Lord.


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