Proverbs 11-12: The righteous and the unrighteous.

July 9, 2015.

Daily Reading: Proverbs 11-12.

Background: Proverbs 10.

Concepts and Connections.

Chapter 11

Proverbs of the righteous and unrighteous: As we move into the bulk of the proverbs of Solomon, it will become difficult to see an overview of a full chapter as each couplet can be autonomous, though many of them are on related subjects. There is a lot of wisdom stored in these verses, and they should be taken verse at a time in order to glean from them more completely. Much of this chapter is focused on the righteousness of the upright that delivers them and the folly of the wicked that will destroy them. There is an emphasis on honesty, humility and generosity. The righteous will triumph over the wicked; this is a concept that we all understand inherently (see verse 10), seen through the plots of our own stories that we read, watch and enjoy- we usually want good to win. Some concepts of note that are laid out in this chapter are as follows: with pride comes disgrace (v. 2), money cannot save us from death (v. 4), there is wisdom in silence (v. 12-13), there is security in many counselors (v. 14), discretion trumps beauty (v. 22), generosity will be rewarded (v. 24-25), whether we seek good or evil, we will find it (v. 27) and trusting in riches will lead to downfall (v. 28).

Chapter 12

Proverbs of wicked and righteousness: Much of this chapter (though not necessarily in its entirety) deals with the teaching that the man who seeks righteousness will ultimately come out on top, where as the wicked will eventually fall by his own wickedness. There is a distinction made between the one who seeks after knowledge though discipline and work and the one who only seeks after his own evil pleasure. Evil is exposed for its failing qualities while the righteous gain the favor of the Lord. The way of the fool is right in his own eyes, but the wise find favor in the eyes of the Lord. The work ethic of the righteous is emphasized in some of these couplets as a means to satisfaction, along with wise counsel and taking advice. The wicked man and the fool, however, run after their own ways, lie and have cruel mercy. Some concepts of note are: the house of the righteous will stand (v. 7), working hard will pay off (v. 11, 24, 27), the wise let insults roll off of them (v. 16), anxiety weighs us down, whereas a good word brings us up (v. 25) and the way of righteousness leads to light (v. 28).

Tomorrow’s Reading: Ezekiel 19-24.

The Lord guide you into wisdom.


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