Psalm 93-95: Glory, vengeance and praise.

September 2, 2015.

Daily Reading: Psalm 93-95.

Background: Psalm 90-92.

Concepts and Connections.

Chapter 93

The Lord Reigns: This is a psalm of praise, ascribing power and authority to the Lord who reigns on high. We open with a royal picture of a reigning king, robed in majesty, sitting on a thrown that has been established since the days of old as it will be forevermore. There is no end to the one who was and forevermore will be. The strength of the Lord is highlighted as being above the mighty waters of the floods and the waves that thunder in the sea. His holiness and degrees are firmly established, forevermore. Let us ever praise and serve the King who reigns on high.

Chapter 94

The eyes of the Lord: This psalm seems to serve as a warning to the unrighteous who do not think the Lord is in control, or at least, that He does not see what they are doing. It opens with a call to the Lord, asking Him to rise up and take vengeance, repaying wickedness according to what it deserves. Accusations are brought against them, those who crush the people of the Lord, kill the helpless and assert that the Lord does not see. But can the One who created the eyes not see? Can the creator of the ear not Himself hear? This is the paradox that is brought before the wicked to show them the illegitimacy of their logic. Then the focus is turned to the one whom the Lord disciplines, to His children. The Lord will not forsake His people, but rather will ensure justice for the righteous. The Lord is the psalmist’s help and refuge, the source that keeps him from running dry. The wicked cannot stand with Him, but He is a rock and refuge to the righteous. The wicked will see their iniquity brought upon them, but the righteous will be delivered though Him.

Chapter 95

A psalm of praise to the Lord: Psalm 95 is a joyful praise to the Lord that has been the source of inspiration of different songs that we even sing today to the Lord. The opening stanza calls His people to lift their voice in song and praise to the Lord, making a joyful noise before Him, with thanksgiving. Then the Lord is praised as King of kings, Lord of lords, the Creator and Owner of all things. Because of this, we are called to worship and bow down before the great King and Creator, for we are His own. The psalmist calls his audience to not harden their hearts when they hear the voice of the Lord, making reference to when the children of Israel grumbled and complained against Moses in the wilderness because they were thirsty (see Exodus 17:1-7), and this part of the psalm is cited by the Hebrew writer in Hebrews 3:7-11. This grumbling kindled the anger of the Lord, for they were not relying on Him for their salvation, putting Him to the test to see if He would even provide water for survival. That generation did not have the faith in the Lord and thanksgiving that they should have, and because of this they were not allowed to enter into the promised land (see Hebrews 3:19). The psalmist calls us to learn from this example, and sing praise to the Lord, our Maker, for He is faithful and willing to be our strength and refuge.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Proverbs 19.

Come let us sing with joy to the Lord.


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