Proverbs 20-21: Words of the wise.

September 10, 2015.

Daily Reading: Proverbs 20-21.

Background: Proverbs 19.

Concepts and Connections.

Chapter 20

Couplets of wisdom: As seen in the previous chapters, chapter twenty continues strong with the couplets of wisdom that make up the bulk of the book of proverbs. Each of these couplets could stand on their own, offering great insight, but themes run throughout the bulk of the book of proverbs. This chapter spans a range of topics from having wise counsel to having just scales to not repaying evil for evil. Some concepts of note include: warning against alcohol (v. 1), the folly of quarreling (v. 3), the folly in laziness (v. 4, 13), wisdom can lead to the discernment of intent (v. 5), just because a man says something, doesn’t mean his actions follow suit (v. 6, 11), none of us are without sin (v. 9, see also Romans 3), unjust measures are an abomination to the Lord (v. 10, 23), the Lord is the Almighty Creator (v. 12), knowledge is valuable (v. 15), guilt is not fun (v. 17), seek wise counsel when you make plans (v. 18), do not associate with slanders and gossips (v. 19), do not repay evil for evil (v. 22, see also Matthew 5:39, Romans 12:17-19, 1 Thessalonians 5:15, and 1 Peter 3:9), the Lord guides man’s steps (v. 24), take vows seriously (v. 25), the Lord searches the heart (v. 27), young men glory in strength whereas old men glory in wisdom (v. 29), and we can learn great lessons from our wounds (v. 30).

Chapter 21

Continuing proverbs: Chapter 21 continues on with the couplets of wisdom as in the chapters that come before it, and this chapter is particularly defense in wisdom and teachings that are worthy of remembering. Concepts of note include: the Lord is in control of the kings/nations (v. 1, see also Exodus 9:13-21, Jeremiah 25:8-9), though we all think we are right in our own eyes, the Lord judges the heart (v. 2), righteousness and justice are more pleasing than sacrifice (v. 3), pride is sin (v. 4, 24), well thought out plans lead to success (v. 5), wealth gained by deceit is a snare of death (v. 6), do not be a quarrelsome wife (v. 9, 19), help the poor while you can, lest you receive no help when you need it (v. 13), wandering from good sense leads to death (v. 16), pleasures and wine eat away wealth (v. 17, 20), pursue righteousness and kindness (v. 21), wisdom trumps braun alone (v. 22), control your words to keep out of trouble (v. 23), the lazy man craves and craves while the righteous gives generously (v. 25-26), the sacrifice of the wicked man is an abomination before the Lord (v. 27), and wisdom or counsel given that goes against the Lord will fail (v. 28), and though men prepare for battle, the victory already belongs to the Lord (v. 29).

Tomorrow’s Reading: Daniel 7-12.

The Lord give you His wisdom.


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