Psalm 123-125: The Lord and His people.

November 17, 2015.

Daily Reading: Psalm 123-125.

Background: Psalm 120-122.

Concepts and Connections.

Chapter 123

Looking to the Lord: Another psalm in the series of the songs of ascents (see psalm 120), this song gives focus to the Lord as the psalmist looks to Him in his people’s time of need. The Lord is glorified in the beginning and the psalmist states his place before the Lord, as a servant looks to his master. He pleads for mercy and deliverance from the enemies that surround his people and look on them with scorn and contempt. Note the trust that is placed in the Lord, not taking matters into their own hands but relying on the Lord to look down and deal accordingly with those who torment their souls. The Lord is called to deal with the contempt of the proud. Let us ever look to the Lord to handle judgment.

Chapter 124

The help of the Lord: Of the songs of ascents (see psalm 120), this psalm is a praise and thanksgiving to the Lord for His protection and deliverance. The psalmist ascribes all the credit to the Lord for his people’s position among the nation, asserting that if it hadn’t been for the Lord, Israel would have been swallowed up by the other nations surrounding them. They would not have stood at all if it had not been for the Lord. The psalmist blesses the Lord for His help and protection, causing them to escape from their enemies. The Creator of the world was for His children, Israel.

Chapter 125

The Lord and His people: Of the songs of ascents (see psalm 120), this psalm is similar to the previous psalm in its subject of the protection of the Lord for His people. This psalm emphasizes, however, that it is those who trust in the Lord that are surrounded by Him and cannot be moved. Just as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds and protects His people when they trust in Him. It is asserted that the only way that wickedness would come on Israel is if the righteous themselves choose to go astray. The psalmist prays that the Lord do good to those who have upright hearts, but to lead away those who turn aside to crooked ways. His final prayer is for peace to be upon Israel.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Ecclesiastes 7-8.

Peace be upon you.


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