Psalm 126-128: Blessings.

November 24, 2015.

Note I am switching today’s and tomorrow’s reading because of time constraints. Thank you for understanding.

Daily Reading: Psalm 126-128.

Background: Psalm 123-125.

Concepts and Connections.

Chapter 126

Restoration: Another psalm in the series of the songs of ascents (see psalm 120), this song was likely written after the end of the 70 years of Babylonian captivity when the people of God were released to rebuild the house of the Lord in Jerusalem (see Ezra 1). The psalmist remembers the joy of the people when the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion. It seemed like they were in a dream, for the Lord had done great things for His people, even noticed by the nations around them. The second half of the song prays for continued restoration from the Lord, that the sorrow of the people might be turned once more into joy. An analogy is made to the sower who goes out in sorrow, but returns in joy with great sheaves of harvest. The psalmist asks for the harvest of the Lord, or the restoration of the fortunes He had given them.

Chapter 127

A psalm of wisdom: Another psalm in the series of the songs of ascents (see psalm 120), this song is attributed to Solomon. The song itself is full of wisdom, which makes the attribution make sense. The first half of the psalm deals with the vanity that comes in anything if the Lord is not involved. In everything we do, we should glorify and do so in the will of God, lest what we do be meaningless. It is the Lord that gives His beloved sleep. The second half of the song deals with the blessing of children, shown as a heritage from the Lord. The psalmist assures his audience that fertility and children are great blessings to parents, as arrows in the hand of a warrior.

Chapter 128

Fear the Lord: Another psalm in the series of the songs of ascents (see psalm 120), this song is an encouragement for all who fear the Lord, promising His blessing because of their walk in His ways. Here we see that the Lord is for His people, and He will do well for them. The main blessing that is brought up in this song is the blessing of children and grandchildren for the man who fears the Lord. May we ever walk in the ways of the Lord and see His blessings and peace.

Tomorrow’s Reading: II Chronicles 29-32.



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