Psalm 142-144: Refuge.

December 30, 2015.

Daily Reading: Psalm 142-144.

Background: Psalm 139-141.

Concepts and Connections.

Chapter 142

The Lord as refuge: This psalm, attributed to David, is a cry and prayer of mercy and protection from the Lord. Notice how the psalmist puts his faith and trust in the Lord, even when he finds little refuge here on earth. He goes to the Lord with his troubles and tribulations and counts on Him to carry him through. The psalmist is in desperation, with no one at his side to help him. His enemies lay traps for him and he doesn’t seem to have anywhere to turn. But he does have the Lord, and the Lord is his refuge and deliverance. He  promises to give thanks to His name, and in the end he knows that the righteous will surround him and the Lord will deal bountifully with Him. May we ever seek the Lord as our refuge.

Chapter 143

A cry to the Lord: This psalm, attributed to David, is another cry and petition to the Lord for mercy and deliverance. Throughout the psalm, there is a sense of urgency and desperation, as the psalmist’s enemies surround him. He first asks for mercy in judgment, for he knows that there is none that is righteous before the Lord. But the Lord is faithful and righteous to look favorably upon His people. The psalmist then lays out the accusation against his enemies, how they had pursued his soul and crushed his life. He remembers what the Lord did for His people in the former days and calls out for this same mercy and deliverance. He calls for a quick answer and puts his trust in the Lord to lead him where he should go. There is a prayer for deliverance, refuge, instruction and guidance. He cries for preservation by the steadfast love of the Lord. Finally, in the end he trusts in the Lord to destroy his enemies, and makes it know that he is the Lord’s servant.

Chapter 144

The Lord: Attributed to David, this psalm exalts the Lord as the psalmist’s strength and refuge, lifting Him up and humbling man. We see his trust in the Lord from the onset, as the Lord is said to be his rock and trainer, stronghold and deliverer, shield and refuge. He then comments on the vast difference between God and man in terms of superiority, noting that man is but a breath, with days of a passing shadow, whereas the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting. All creation is called into worship and reverence of the Lord as the psalmist calls for the Lord to deliver him from those who speak lies and continue in falsehood. He sings a new song and plays the harp to the Lord in worship to the One who is sovereign. The final stanza is a blessing on the youth of the people of the Lord and further on all whom the Lord blesses and whose God is the Lord. May we ever seek refuge in Him.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Revelation 1-6.

The Lord be your refuge.


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