Psalm 145-147: Praise the Lord!

December 31, 2015.

Daily Reading: Psalm 145-147.

Background: Psalm 142-144.

Concepts and Connections.

Chapter 145

Great is the Lord: This psalm, attributed to David, is a song of praise and glory to the Lord, praising His marvelous nature and deeds. The psalmist opens with blessings and praise, setting the Lord in unsearchable greatness. Notice the emphasis on generational teaching in the second stanza, as the great and mighty deeds of the Lord are passed on from generation to generation. They sing of His righteousness, praising His grace, mercy and steadfast love. In the third stanza, all creation is brought in as giving thanks to the Creator, and the saints bless His name. His kingdom is glorious, His power unending and His dominion lasts forever. The fourth stanza is a tribute to the Lord’s character to uphold the fallen and satisfy desires. The Lord is righteous and near all who call on His name, and preserves those who Love Him. The psalmist ends with his mouth giving praise and by calling all flesh to join him in blessing the name of the Lord.

Chapter 146

Trust in the Lord: This psalm is one of praise and trust in the Lord. The psalmist opens with loud praise to the Lord from the depths of his soul, singing praises to Him with all his being. Then he reminds us not to trust in man, in whom there is no salvation, but rather in the One who made heaven an earth. Those who trust in the Lord, God of Jacob, are blessed, as He keeps faith forever, executes justice for the oppressed and gives food to the hungry. The Lord is praised as a liberator, One who gives strength and one who preserves. The Lord will indeed reign forever, even when other’s fall. Let us praise his name now and forever more.

Chapter 147

Praise the Lord: This psalm is a song of praise to the Lord for His mighty deeds. Notice the set up of each stanza, opening with praise and then following with what the Lord does for His creation. The first stanza praises the Lord for His protection and building of Jerusalem. This may indicate that this is a post exile psalm, as it speaks of building and healing. We see His sovereignty displayed as He numbers and names the stars. His power and understanding is beyond measure, lifting the humble and casting down the wicked. The second stanza begins with a song of thanksgiving accompanied by melody on the lyre, praising Him for His protection and provision for the beasts of the earth. His sovereignty over His creation is displayed here. He takes pleasure in those that love Him. The third stanza calls all of Jerusalem to praise their God. He gives them strength and blesses their children. He brings peace and blessing, for they are His people to whom He has given His laws and rules. The other nations do not know His rules. Thus, His people were to give Him praise because of His love for them, and His revelation of righteousness to them.


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