Psalm 148-150: Ending in praise.

January 7, 2016.

Reading: Psalm 148-150.

Background: Psalm 145-147.

Concepts and Connections.

Chapter 148

Praise the Lord: As we draw near the end of the book of psalms, we find that the majority of psalms are solely songs of praise to the Lord. This is the case with this song, as we are called together with the angels and all created things to praise the Lord from the heights. Note the focus on the creation praising Him for a good portion of this song. He is creator of all that is, and because of this, His creation will ever praise Him. The sun, moon, mountains, waters, beast of the field and air, all things that were made are called here to sing forth praises to the Maker. This psalm has been the inspiration for several songs of worship and praise even today, as the very essence of it is praise to our Creator. All people, both great and small, are called to praise the mighty Creator, for His majesty is exalted. Let us ever join in song with His creation to sing His praise forevermore.

Chapter 149

A new song: Here we are given another psalm of praise to the Lord, calling us to sing a new song of praise to Him in the assembly. This psalm focuses on Israel and Zion, His holy city, calling them to rejoice in their Maker and King. They are called to praise with singing, dancing and making melody on instruments. The Lord loves His people and takes great pleasure in them. Because of His chosen, they were able to execute His judgment on the nations that did evil in His sight, and even for this, His people praised Him. Let us ever praise the name of our God.

Chapter 150

Praise God with everything: Everything is a good word to describe this psalm, as it basically calls the audience to praise God with everything for everything at all times. We are called to praise Him in His sanctuary and in the heavens. We are called to praise Him for His deeds and excellency. He is called to be praised with many different instruments, and finally everything that has breath, breath given by God, to praise Him. Praise the Lord, now and forever more. Amen.

Next Reading: Revelation 1-5.

Let them praises give Jehovah.


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